Mid Central provides a wide array of services designed to aid utility companies and other industries with similar needs. These range from Substation Development, Right of Way Access, Right of Way Maintenance as well as providing specialized equipment and services.

Mid Central crews can quickly mobilize and be on location following an emergency outage or storm damage to support our customers.

Temporary Lighting

Mid Central can quickly get light towers to an emergency location to provide crews with enough light to perform their jobs safely.

Site Access

Mid Central can help with clearing access to damaged structures and assist in getting personnel, trucks, equipment and materials back to them using winch dozers, sleds, temporary bridges, or other means as the situation demands. We can help set up temporary fencing and gates if needed to allow access to repair crews but still maintain security.


No repairs can take place without the materials to do them. We can quickly haul in rock and other materials. Once emergency repairs are made, the same trucks can haul off debris.

Site Restoration

Emergency repairs leave a mess. Mid Central can restore the site back to its natural state.

Mid Central has over 25 years of experience in the construction of electrical substations, from the very beginning steps to restoration work and most of everything in between.

Site Preparation

Preparing a site for the construction of a new substation or an addition to an existing structure involves removing vegetation and unstable soil and replacing it with compactible fill. The site must be brought to the desired grade with all water drainage issues addressed. Last, a layer of insulating gravel is spread across the site. Mid Central has all the capabilities and experience to safely and efficiently address any site preparation needs.

Ground Grid Installation

From ground conductivity testing to ground rod and cable installation we are able to address all of your substation grounding system needs.

Concrete Piers, Footings & Foundations

Mid Central can handle all the concrete needs for civil construction including drilling and excavating for piers and foundations, installing concrete reinforcement, pouring concrete, and any needed finish work. We can also demo and remove old concrete structures.

Trenching & Directional Drilling HDD

Mid Central can help with any utility additions to new or existing structures. Mid Central offers a variety of underground capabilities from directional boring to trenching and excavation services. We also offer soft dig capabilities through our VAC trucks.

Hydro-Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum excavation is one of the safest methods of digging around buried utilities. It is also much faster than hand digging and will eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming manual labor.


We offer various fencing and gate solutions both permanent and temporary. For high profile areas we can install precast decorative walls. And if your facility needs more thorough security, we can help you with innovative multi-point camera, loud speaker, and lighting solutions.

Heavy Construction Equipment

We have all the standard equipment and lots of unique machines as well to help make any challenging job a success.

Mid Central has developed several unique solutions to access sites that are difficult or impossible to reach with conventional means. Whether you only need it for a day or for a longer-term project, we can help you get where you need to go. We can also help control access to property with gates and fencing.

Temporary Bridges & Environment Crossing

Your jobsite isn’t always easy to get to. When you run into impassable crossings, or need to avoid environmental damage we have multiple temporary bridge solutions. Whether you need 10 feet or you need 40 we have you covered.


Culverts are a simple solution to improve the ease of access to your right of way. They help to remove hazards and slowdowns along the right of way, improving your efficiency, and helping to protect your equipment.

Gates & Fencing

Being able to travel directly down your right of way without roadblocks can save you hours. Our gates offer an efficient and robust solution that meets the needs of both our customers and local land owners. We can also install or repair any chain-link or barbed wire fencing.

Winch dozers & sleds

Mid Central has multiple bulldozers with winches that can help access difficult locations during wet and inclement weather conditions. Our custom-made sleds allow line trucks and other equipment to be safely and securely pulled, eliminating any strain on the equipment, which can result in costly repairs and maintenance.

Access Road Construction

Erosion, vegetation growth, natural terrain and other factors make it very difficult to reach some locations along a Right of Way. Also the larger and heavier equipment used today often requires a better road than what may have been needed when older structures were put in place. Mid Central can construct cost-effective access roads to meet any requirements.

Forestry Mulcher

Our excavators with forestry mulcher heads can reduce large trees to mulch in minutes. We have a track machine for rural areas and a rubber tire machine for roadside clearing.

Mid Central specializes in keeping Right of Ways and easements clear and safe for use.

Vegetation Removal & Control

We offer both mechanical and manual services or combination of the two. We can reduce vegetation to mulch on site or remove completely as needed.

Environmental protection & abatement

We are capable of handling what ever environmental protection needs a job requires.

Railroad Track Maintenance

Mid Central specializes in off-track ROW maintenance for several Class One railroads.

Highway Right of Way Maintenance

From clearing out blockages under bridges to widening ROWs, Mid Central has many useful services for maintaining highway ROW.

Structural Maintenance

Our unique blend of industrial construction abilities and heavy equipment experience in the utility field, mixed with in-house engineering abilities allows Mid Central come up with and execute solutions to your challenging problems.