Mid Central is your Technology partner for the key capabilities and services in your facility. Our experienced staff and best of breed products and services will assist you in maintaining, growing and improving your facility. Our knowledgeable staff and expertise make the difference in reducing your risk and enhancing your effectiveness in the success of your projects.

Mid Central has programs and services in place to assist you in protecting against accidental harm and intentional harm to your staff, equipment and resources. Our services are partnered with leading vendors to provide experienced and trusted tools and services.

Mid Central expertise with software, tools and services can enable you to reduce your risk and improve your investment in your facility.

Access Controls

No one wants to pay to rekey doors when a key is lost or stolen. Access controls are a great solution to control who has access to each area of your facilities and when they can have it. A successful access control system provides both security and safe egress. We have the both the technical resources to fit your needs, but also the ability to update your doors, frames, and all associated hardware.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance capability is dependent on 4 key components; Video Collection (Cameras), Communication, Storage and Processing. Mid Central has relationship and expertise with best of breed capabilities in all 4 components. We will partner with you to determine your current needs and future goals are for your facility and provide you with a list of options to consider. We offer complete turn-key solutions or enhancements to your existing system.

Emergency Communications

In times of emergency it is important for your employees and customers to quickly know of the present dangers and where to go for safety. Especially in noisy environments, a powerful loudspeaker system is necessary for everyone to hear the warnings.

Mid Central provides a variety of services and products to help you reduce your energy consumption and lower your costs. Our strategy is to first focus on improving the efficiency of your lighting and climate, then conserve the energy used by these components and finally offer renewable energy such as Solar to positively contribute to your usage.

Our strategy is to first evaluate your facility needs, as well as your future goals, in order to provide a list of options. Mid Central is not a single solution company where a SQUARE PEG fits every hole. Our options will include expected energy savings, added value or service, estimated cost savings and Return on Investment. Based on your selection from our list of options, we implement the solution and can also provide monitoring. The following provides additional information on this strategy.

Energy Audits & Analysis

MIDCentral will conduct an Energy Audit to determine your current energy usage in order to determine the most efficient solution for your business. We also work closely with local utility companies to assist in getting the best incentive for your project. .

Environment Control & Monitoring

MIDCentral control and monitoring solutions provide additional energy efficiency measures and intelligent information for your facility systems and their usage. These solutions can reduce your environmental energy consumption by 60-80% by enabling efficient usage of lighting, climate and electrical sources. It can also providing monitoring and reporting for service or maintenance needs as well as traffic and usage. Mid Central can help you determine a solution that best matches your needs.


Equipment Control & Monitoring

MIDCentral offers a full range of data gathering and analysis to understand your facility equipment energy consumption. Through an initial energy audit and variety of wireless sensors an energy baseline and trend can be created to monitor trends in usage and identify potential equipment failures or maintenance tasks that need to be performed. Through our consultancy services and software tools, Mid Central can also provide grounded financial and budget trackable strategies for your equipment System Life Cycle.

Lighting Efficiencies

One type of LED fixture does not solve the lighting need for every business. Every facility has different lighting needs. Our lighting experts can evaluate those needs and provide the best amount of lighting, color temperature, along with energy efficiencies that meets your requirements. These solutions can range from LED retrofits of existing fixtures to new replacement LED fixtures.

Renewable Energy Solutions

MIDCentral believes in the advancement of renewable energy and the responsible use of solar energy. Our solar team provides a turn-key solution for your facility that will be sized to provide you with the maximum benefit. We offer design, integration, installation and continued maintenance for your solar solution.

The basic physical systems of your facility tend to be high-cost investments so Mid Central has the professional team to enhance, repair or maintain these essential components of your facility. With our staffs technical expertise and breadth of capabilities we can reduce your risk and increase your ability to get the most out of your infrastructure.

LED Lighting

The "One size fits all" approach to lighting can be very wasteful and not provide the needed light where you need it. Its critical to consider the area size, surface material and use when determining the light source and fixture. The appearance and style of the luminaire also plays a major role in the decision. Luminance depends on the reflectance of the surface. It's highly dependent on exact knowledge of architectural and interior finishes. Mid Central has the expertise to match the best LED solution to your needs.

PLC Automation

Whether you have an existing controls system and you need to add new equipment or change programming, or you are looking to install all new controls, we have the experience to cover all of your PLC needs.

Process Control Engineering

We can provide complete designs of process systems including all hardware as tanks, valves, piping, flow control, level control and all addition hardware for new and existing processes. We can design all required process instrumentation, including design of PLC and computer systems hardware to monitor and control the processes. PLC and computer programming services are provided to finish the design and fabrication of complete process systems.

Fiber Optics & Coaxial Services

Mid Central provides fusion splicing services for Fiber Optics. This method offers the lowest loss, less reflectance, strongest and most reliable joint between two fibers.

Coaxial cable relies on proper balance of forward/reverse signals. Mid Central sweepers can fine tune the spectrums for the proper signal levels.

Telecommunication Cabling & HDD

Mid Central telecommunication cabling team can deploy Coaxial, Ethernet and Fiber Optics above ground, underground and within commercial and industrial facilities.

Electric Car Charging Station

Is your parking lot ready for the future? With the expanding electric vehicle market many companies are moving to provide charging stations for the employees and to attract customers. We have all of the skills necessary to install your EV chargers whatever they may require, including: all electrical work from panel to charger, excavation, concrete foundations, parking lot striping, and signage.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can be utilized in many different ways to help improve your bottom line. It can help to quickly find leaks in your roof, ineffective insulation, windows leaking air, electrical components overheating, and various others.

Mid Central Professional Services team has the ability, licenses and expertise to assist you with multiple technology initiatives in your facility. We are happy to assist your own team or partner with your to provide a turn-key solution.

Automation Engineering

To improve your automated material handling and process systems, our engineers can design any changes to integrate automation into existing processes, design all new PLC systems, and program both new or existing systems.


Mid Central provides complete construction project drawings. These drawings can include site, mechanical, structural, plumbing, and electrical drawings. We also provide design drawings for specific machinery, process, and electrical systems. Complete shop fabrication details can be created. Drawings can be provided in Solid Works 3D or Autocad 2D formats.

Dashboard Development & Reporting

Mid Central development team can create a monitoring and reporting dashboard specific to your needs. These dashboards provide visualization of real-time data that allows you to monitor your costs and efficiencies of your environment and equipment. Our dashboards also provide reporting tools that enable you to share current statistics as well as progress over time.

Real-time data values
Mid Central leverages best of breed wireless sensors that can track multiple data points for machinery, lighting, environmental and power services. These real-time values allows instant analysis and data representation for tracking and alerting.

Mid Central cloud services leverages Amazon Web Services for a truly scalable service. Call for details.

Efficiency Studies & Assessments

Mid Central offers a full range of data gathering and analysis to understand your facilities energy consumption. Through an initial energy audit and variety of wireless sensors an energy baseline and trend can be created to determine the best energy strategy. Through our consultancy services and software tools, Mid Central can provide grounded financials and budget trackable strategies.


Mid Central provides evaluation, development, design and optimization for new and existing manufacturing processes and dashboards. These services include PLC /Computerized process automation, monitoring and control. Evaluation and design services are provided for employee safety, air quality, energy conservation, and failure analysis.