Key services provided

In this challenging business environment, facility management and owners are looking for solutions to lower costs while improving the efficiency and reliability of their facilities. To accomplish this, it takes more than processes, equipment and services; it takes the right industrial services expert.

Mid Central is practical and a firm supporter of System Life Cycle of the elements in your facility to plan and manage investment and efforts to support your business. We also offer audit and assessments that cover safety, security, building and infrastructure that encompasses your facility investment as a starting point to prioritize focus of efforts.

Mid Central provides services and capabilities to protect your people and facility from non-intentional failure (Safety) and protection from harm caused by intentional human actions or behavior (Security). These areas range from the perimeter of the property to the walking path within the facility. Our capabilities range from high tech solutions with cameras and software to fundamental services like fabrication and installation of and painting traffic lanes.

Gates & Fencing

Mid Central has experience in providing high security solutions for jails, utility plants, data centers and industrial factories. We also provide solutions to all access control requirements from chain link swing gate to military crash rated gates. We also provide ornamental fences to provide a balance of perimeter security while projecting a professional aesthetically pleasing design.
We also provide repair services to fix your fence or gate for any size project. We understand that importance of prompt and fully corrected repairs.

Handrails & Guardrails

Workers in most industrial environments can be exposed to falls or pinch points from unguarded areas such as walkways, windows, wall openings, skylights, platforms, stairways. Mid Central has experience in fabricating or installing prefabricated railing systems that are OSHA complaint.

Access Control & Cameras

No one wants to pay to rekey doors when a key is lost or stolen. Access controls are a great solution to control who has access to each area of your facilities and when they can have it. A successful access control system provides both security and safe egress. We have the both the technical resources to fit your needs, but also the ability to update your doors, frames, and all associated hardware.

Bollards and Traffic Painting

Traffic flow in an industrial facility can raise safety and production efficiency concerns. Mid Central can install, maintain and repair Traffic Bollards ranging from stationary steel pipe, removable, retractable, flexible and collapsible. Our attention to detail is reflected in our traffic flow and bin painting projects. Normal wear and exposure can quickly blur or obscure these markings. Mid Central offers specialized solutions for high skid traffic areas with inlay painting options.

Parking Striping

Mid Central offers parking lot striping and maintenance services. We can offer new layout for code compliance as well as restriping of existing lots.

Slip Resistant Flooring

The slip resistance of floors and pavements is the measure of the ability of a surface to prevent accidental slipping by pedestrians in dry or wet conditions. Slip resistance is important because it prevents against slip and fall accidents. Mid Central professional services offers multiple solutions depending on your surface and how it is being used. Contact us today for more information.

Mid Central has the professional team to build, repair or maintain the essential components of your facility from the roof to the floor. With our expertise and breadth of capabilities we can combine specific solutions for the greatest positive impact.


Mid Central offers assessments of your roof for understanding the existing condition of these elements compared to the System Life Cycle. This assessment will also include recommended options based on your circumstances. The options can be separated into phases to support your businesses capital expenditures.

Our offerings include; metal, single membranes and coatings. These offerings can be coupled with other capabilities to ensure the best investment like Negative Air Vents.

We also offer packaged solutions that offer the best overall investment in your facility like adding Natural Light combined with our best of breed LED dimmable fixtures with Daylight harvesting capabilities to see energy savings to contribute to the investment.


Mid Central offers a variety of painting services to keep your protect your facility, address safety concerns and maintain the appearance of your facility to reflect your business goals. We also offer painting services for your machinery, conveyors, tanks and lockers that will extend the life of your equipment.

Floor Repairs/Maintenance

Mid Central offers a variety of floor repairs, from joint repairs, cracks, holes, spalls, to erosions.

Door & Wall Maintenance

Mid Central offers installation, preventative maintenance and repair services for commercial grade doors. These services also include the safety and security measures with these enclosures such as electromagnetic locks and emergency releases.

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking can allow you to maximize your storage space and improve your inventory access efficiency. Mid Central offers design, fabrication and installation services for pallet racking.

Additions & Reconfigurations

Mid Central has the equipment and engineering expertise to help you when you need to adjust your facility environment by expanding or reconfiguring metal or concrete walls.

Generac Dealer & Installer

Mid Central is a Generac Sales & Service Dealer and Installer. We can now offer Sales and Service for your Residential and Light Commercial Requirements. We also offer a full range of Installation and Service Support for Air Cooled Units up to 22kw and Liquid Cooled Units up to 160kw. If you need larger solutions our technicians can help with larger units also as well as Service on Other Brands. Please contact us and let us know your needs so we can provide you a solution.

Your basic physical systems of your facility tend to be high-cost investments so Mid Central has the professional team to enhance, repair or maintain these essential components of your facility. With our staffs expertise and breadth of capabilities we can reduce your risk and increase your ability to get the most out of your infrastructure.


Mid Central offers design, installation, repair and preventative maintenance services for Indoor Air Quality, Dilution and Local Exhaust ventilation system. Our services can help prevent costly service calls and assist in helping your equipment reach their full system life cycle.


Mid Central has the expertise to handle your entire lighting project from current lighting assessment, lighting design with photometrics and turn-key installation. Our strategy is to first evaluate your facility needs, as well as your future goals, in order to provide a list of options. MID Central is not a single solution company where a SQUARE PEG fits every hole.

Our sister company, Mid Central Supply is a lighting distributor of best of breed lighting for a wide range of solutions. We will ensure you have the proper light needed for your space, with the performance and longevity that meets your business needs.

Electrical Maintenance

Mid Central offers a full range of electrical services for commercial properties in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. We provide hourly repair services to address electrical issues or provide a bid for additions or new construction. Our licensed electricians have the proper equipment, knowledge and experience to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Upgrades and improvements
Mid Central can provide regular maintenance and electrical system upgrades. We can also provide Code updates and corrections. If you need specialty receptacles or electrical updates, give us a call.

Repairs and Troubleshooting
We offer Scheduled or Emergency Service to address electrical issues. We have highly skilled electricians that can address electrical issues or problems with wiring, lighting, industrial equipment, HVAC or generators. Call for details.

New Construction
Mid Central can design, bid and execute on new construction initiatives whether small or large. We can provide a design that is efficient and cost effective. We can help if you need to expand or update to meet the latest code requirements.


Mid Central offers industrial piping and mechanical general contracting services for welded, mechanical, threaded and victaulic systems.

Mid Central offers a vareity of Professional Services. Our team can offer turnkey solutions or partner with your staff to address your long term goals. The following highlights some of the services we offer.

Structural Services

If you have plans to build new facilities or renovate your existing, we can provide the design for: your buildings and foundation, industrial and mechanical structural systems, and element analysis of new and existing systems. We can also provide failure analysis to determine causes of failure, required repairs, and necessary corrective action to avoid reoccurrence.

Automation Engineering

To improve your automated material handling and process systems, our engineers can design any changes to integrate automation into existing processes, design all new PLC systems, and program both new or existing systems.

Process Control Engineering

We can provide complete designs of process systems including all hardware as tanks, valves, piping, flow control, level control and all addition hardware for new and existing processes. We can design all required process instrumentation, including design of PLC and computer systems hardware to monitor and control the processes. PLC and computer programming services are provided to finish the design and fabrication of complete process systems.


Mid Central provides complete construction project drawings. These drawings can include site, mechanical, structural, plumbing, and electrical drawings. We also provide design drawings for specific machinery, process, and electrical systems. Complete shop fabrication details can be created. Drawings can be provided in Solid Works 3D or Autocad 2D formats.


Mid Central has licensed and experienced staff that can assist you with a variety of projects ranging from the building to the infrastructure within your facility. We can also provide evaluation, development, design and optimization for new and existing manufacturing processes. These include PLC /Computerized process automation, monitoring and control. Evaluation and design services are provided for employee safety, air quality, energy conservation, and failure analysis.