Mid Central prides itself in providing tailored technology solutions that meet your business goals while utilizing the best in breed products for surveillance and monitoring. We are certified integrators and resellers of leading brands in this field.

The 5 areas below provide key examples of what Mid Central can offer to help you with your surveillance needs at your facility.


The accuracy of detecting potential threats is the foundation to any surveillance security system. A key challenge is balancing the sensitivity of detection to avoid false alarms that cause operators to ignore events and providing proper coverage to avoid key gaps.

Mid Central offers 2 types of detection for surveillance systems; RADAR and Camera Analytics.


Mid Central’s detection solution through the use of Magos RADAR capabilities provides the most accurate detection system with the least number of false alarms on the market today. This provides the confidence that the rest of the layers of security can be effective.

RADAR is not hampered by the amount of light available, environmental conditions (e.g. fog, snow, rain) or hot zones. RADAR also provides depth to the threats so that you can tell precisely how far away an object is, and the path that is being taken towards any facility.

Magos Area Surveillance System (MASS) is a fully automated system for handling, controlling, monitoring and logging intrusion alerts based on inputs from a variety of sensors such as ground surveillance radars and PTZ cameras. Upon intrusion detection, MASS automatically cues the appropriate PanTiltZoom camera and displays real-time video for target verification. Sensor and camera coverage is displayed in birds-eye view pictures generated by the integral mapping engine. This allows easy control of the entire ground surveillance system. A user-friendly interface enables easy and intuitive actions such as manual camera control, sensor positioning, and event interrogation.

Magos RADAR detection ranges from 250 meters to 1,000 meters with an angle coverage of 120 degrees in azimuth and 30 degrees in elevation.


In close range or interior locations, Mid Central leverages camera analytics for triggering events. These analytics range from double trip wires, object abandonment, missing object, perimeter, or loitering. For example, a directional trip lines can be used to determine entry into an area from the wrong direction that can trigger an alarm.

A combination of stationary cameras and PanTiltZoom cameras can be used to provide the best value for your budget. Multiple stationary cameras can trigger a PanTiltZoom camera to track and following an intruder reducing your infrastructure.

Video Surveillance

Any video surveillance system consists of 4 key components; Video Collection (Camera, Sensors), Communication, Storage and Video Processing. Mid Central has relationship and expertise with manufactures offering best of breed capabilities in all 4 components. We will partner with you to determine what your current needs and future goals are for your facility and then provide you with a list of options to consider. We offer complete turn-key solutions or enhancements to your existing system.

Mid Central can help you through the process of selecting the best type and tier of camera for your facility.

For example, in certain areas Wide Dynamic Range of your camera sensor can be critical in order to have optimal face recognition and evidence capture. Below is an example of a camera utilizing a 144dB Extreme Super Dynamic WDR.

Additionally, features like Intelligent Auto Mode from Panasonic could be critical to identify key objects.

Mid Central offers a wide variety surveillance cameras and sensors to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss your goals.

Identification and Classification

The identification of activity within an area and classifying these moving objects will improve the usefulness of any surveillance system. The accuracy of the alert events based on knowing whether something moving in an area is a person, animal or vehicle will enable rule-based events for alerting or taking action. This reduction in unwanted or nuisance alert events will allow your system to scale much larger and improve how reliable these alerts are viewed by your team.

For example, is your facility in an environment where wildlife is active? Whether it's dogs, deer, or rabbits, it’s important to log the event but not necessarily take action by alarming a control room or sending an email alert. At the same time, vehicle traffic may not be of concern in one area but pedestrian traffic would require monitoring or a response to be taken.

Mid Central leverages Magos integrated AI Target Classifier that is a deep learning video analyzer. This AI system is constantly classifying the video feed from the surveillance cameras and providing the classification of the moving object.

In the example video above a facility is being monitored by RADAR combined with PanTiltZoom cameras and Magos AI that was deployed by Mid Central. The RADAR system is directing a Pan Tilt Zoom camera to look at a moving object approaching its east gate. Utilizing the video feed, the AI system identifies the moving object as a vehicle and changes the classification to vehicle. Shortly after this, it notices another moving object that it identifies as a person. In each case the icon on the map is changed to the classification defined by the AI as it's moving that can be seen by the operator. This classification can then be used to decide automatically what, if any, alerts should be triggered or action should be taken.

Contact Mid Central for questions or a demonstration of this capability.

Action Response

A key value-add to a surveillance system is automatically deterring a threat from progressing any further.

An intruder may not always notice that a camera is following them, but they certainly will notice they have been detected when key lights along a fence or building turn on or red beacon fixtures activate and begin flashing. This notifies the intruder that they have been identified and action is being taken.

Additionally, audible alarms with prerecorded messages or an event trigger to your monitoring station that allows the operator to speak directly to the intruder can enhance your response with your surveillance system.

Mid Central can tailor an Action Response that matches your environment.

Thermal Asset Monitoring

A key method of improving reliability and extending the system life cycle of equipment is through thermal and visual monitoring of key components. This monitoring allows you to prioritize maintenance based on data and not a calendar schedule. It can also notify you in advance before there is a critical system failure.

This approach saves funds by repairing minor issues before they become a major or complete system failure. It can also save time for staff by evaluating the health before a maintenance visit occurs and what equipment may be needed.

One key Mid Central solution is primarily based on the combination of best-of-breed Thermal Sensors from FLIR combined with best-of-breed Software Analytics and Data Storage from Embedded Logix. This partnership provides a true Asset Monitoring Platform to improve system reliability and health tracking.

This system is designed to unleash capabilities beyond a simple thermal camera with software triggers. It collects thermal data that is analyzed against historical trends as well as other similar assets within the substation or across multiple substations to provide insight into its true health. The time comparisons can be based on previous day(s), week, month or year. This allows analysis from one season to another when comparing results.

This comparison analysis can also be used to compare the health performance of one manufacturer's equipment or part against another whether it’s in the same location or at another site.

We also offer Opgal and Hanwha thermal cameras for special use cases. For example, Opgal offers a continuous zoom option for covering broad spaces.

Video Analytics

Our video analytics technology is designed to help businesses and organizations of all types improve safety and security, reduce risk, and optimize operations. Our system can detect and track people, vehicles, and objects in real-time, and use advanced algorithms to analyze behavior and identify potential threats.

Mid Central leverages video analytics to process video and transform it into intelligent data utilizing a variety of technologies. We leverage AI to automatically see, identify and understand the visual world support your business goals whether its for risk management or improving system runtime.

Our technology includes facial recognition software that can identify individuals and flag potential matches against watchlists or databases. We also offer PPE detection and compliance monitoring, helping organizations ensure that their employees and visitors are following safety protocols.

In addition, our system includes loitering detection, which can alert security personnel if individuals are lingering in sensitive areas for an extended period of time. Our license plate recognition (LPR) technology allows for automatic identification and tracking of vehicles, enabling businesses to monitor traffic flow and detect unauthorized access.