Mid Central Technology provides automation services for a variety of enviornments utilizing best in breed platforms based on industry standard communications. The following highlights some of these services. Call Mid Central today for details...

  • Commercial

  • Residential

Mid Central provides automation solutions utilizing wired and wireless controls that enable you to both improve facility capabilities, improve consistency in scheduled events, as well as conserve energy. These automation systems can also contribute to the safety and security of your environment. These control systems can also provide facility intelligence and reporting.


Adjusting the environment for lights, music and temperature can have a considerable impact on your customers experience. Additionally, providing an easy way for your staff to adjust what is being shown on multiple displays in entertainment spaces.

Office Facilities

Office staff is the backbone of the company. Much like the hospitality industry the work environment is crucial to maintaining happy employees. Significant opportunities exist with Energy management from climate control, day light harvesting to environment automation. Contact Mid Central for details on the various options.

Hospitality (Hotels/Resorts)

An effective Energy Management System maintains a high guest experience while still controling energy costs. The key is recognizing when a room is unoccupied and managing the energy used while at the same time responding when the guest returns. At certain locations, guests have high expectations on the ability to control their environment beyond lighting and temperature. Mobile automation of a rooms services is critical.

Health Facilities

From Medical Clinics to Dental offices or Assisted Living; the health care industry has unique facilites and equipment that require specialized services beyond a retails space. These unique services unmanaged can add unnecessary loads to energy consumption. Energy Management Solutions provide unique energy managment products specifically designed for the health industry.


Rising utility expenses combined with a lack of energy management can add up to major costs for retailers. Heating, cooling and ventilation energy costs can be 30% or more of the total energy consumption. To be competitive, you can't simply afford to pass raising energy costs on to the retail customer, nor can you afford to replace your building lighting and HVAC system. Cutting energy costs through energy management systems can enable you to effectively manage your energy use.

Grocery Refrigeration

Anti-Sweat Heaters are used in refrigeration and freezer door jams and doors to prevent the door seal and glass from frosting or freezing. These heaters do not have controllers to manage when and how long they should run. They are simply on, running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is a considerable waste of energy because they are not needed all the time.

Mid Central has experienced professional team that can connect your home capabilies for an automated experience.

SMART Living

Mid Central Technology team will integrate your home entertainment system, lighting, door locks, climate control, surveillance cameras and other connected devices into an easy to use system.

Our SMART Living solutions goes beyond a connected home to a reactive home with programmed scenes such as Good Morning, Welcome Home, Movie Time and Good Night with effortless one-touch control, geofencing or sensor response activities.

Outdoor Automation

Whether it's for security, safety, maintenance or entertainment, Mid Central can offer an automated experience for your outdoor space. These services can also be triggered by geofencing or utilizing a single click on your mobile device.

For example, do you want the hot tub warm and ready for you with outdoor music and lighting setting the mode for relaxing after a hard day’s work? How about cooling the pool down before you want to take a swim by activating the fountains? How about automatically turning off regular schedule of water irrigation or sprinkler system when its raining?

What experience would you like to enjoy?

Mid Central can assist you with improving your outdoor experience.

Special Needs Children

We provide tailored auotmation to help your special needs child enjoy things many take for granted. For example, we can provide a large GREEN push button that will turn on the TV and Cable/Satelite station to a predefined favorite channel and a RED push button that will turn everything off. This tool can enable a child some control in entertainment.