Mid Central has the ability to collect information from a variety of system sources and sensors to then normalize this information in a data store for real-time and scheduled analysis. We also provide tailored business workflow processing to automate response to key events or scheduled activities. Our offerings include reusable modules or custom developed packages.

Mid Central expertise with software, tools and services can enable you to improve efficiences and reduce your risk with the investments in your facility.

Here are a few examples:

Reliability Services

Our automated solutions provide “Function without Failure” capabilities for continued reliability of components within your operational critical systems.

For example, at an Electrical Utility Substation, we collected thermal data on system critical assets using multiple Pan Tilt FLIR sensors. The data collected was associated to predefined standards for real time analysis. This information was also stored for historical trends creating a treasure chest for reporting. This allowed the customer to receive alerts on a tiered basis to know whether an immediate response was needed or maintenance service ticket should be issued. The repository of data also allows service technicians to evaluate a site for current needs before traveling.

We leverage the best in breed sensors like FLIR and Opgal for thermal data collection. We also utilize software partners Embedded Logix for data normalization and SCADA communications.


Is your company at risk for a cyber-attack? In this modern business world with so many connected devices, it is critical to be prepared for any online threat. The first step is to know everything about your assets.

Mid Central can help you create a baseline of your environment to fully understand the risks in your space and decide what approach meets your business needs. Identifying not just what assets are on your network but the conversations that these assets are engaged along with a risk assessment of the asset itself.

Mid Central leverages partnerships with best of breed SAAS companies that maintain a library of component level as well as current firmware risk assessments. This coupled with an appliance for active or passive monitoring can provide you with a pulse of the health of your environment.

Mid Central Technology offers Enterprise Security Assessment and Security Compliance Services.


Mid Central Technology can provide a unified operations dashboard to monitor and manage a variety of systems, reducing the number of interfaces or steps required to address a situation. We can also provide business auomtation to improve efficiencies of key tasks or provide on screen instructions to ensure consistent response to planned events.