Mid Central offers turn-key Access Control solutions based on your business goals and requirements. We are certified in both panel and IP reader based systems. We offer access control to doors, gates, turnstiles, keyboard box and panel interfaces using a variety of methods from keycard, FOB or Bluetooth. We also offer access control integration to surveillance systems.

Panel Systems

Access Control utilizing Panel Systems works in the harshest of environments. Mid Central is certified in multiple systems. One key panel based system is DSX. DSX has over 35 years of history of providing rock solid access control systems for a large deployment within a facility. These systems have a track record of stability and scale.

IP and Cloud Systems

Mid Central offers leading access control software leveraging a "Pure IP" to access point that can be deployed locally or hosted on the cloud. This software utilizes IP based readers. The modern user interface establises a new standard for ease of use in managing an unlimited number of access points across any geography through a mobile device, tablet or browser.

Whether you want to add a new system or have an existing access controls system that you would like to migrate, Mid Central has the experience to cover all of your Accss Control needs.

Surveillance Integration

Mid Central offers integration between your video surveillance system and your access control system to enable you to see who is accssing an entry point in your facility. This can all be combined in your video surveillance system. It can also log a picture image for historical purposes. Additionally, for ease of use for your operations team, we can provide a floor map with access points and cameras in a single view.